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Day face cream
98.7% natural ingredients
It has a lifting effect, improves skin tone and elasticity.
Throughout the day, it protects skin from dehydration and negative environmental factors.
Strengthens the antioxidant defence of cells.
Hand Cream
98.3% natural ingredients
Nourishes and regenerates the skin, restoring the beautifully well-maintained look to the hands.
Targeted against age-related skin changes.
Protects against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and other aggressive environmental factors.
Facial Serum
97.5% natural ingredients
Provides a comprehensive rejuvenating effect.
Provides an intense lifting effect.
Restores and maintains an even, healthy complexion.
Eye Cream
98.8% natural ingredients
Provides comprehensive anti-age care for the skin around the eyes.
Provides an intense lifting effect, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Provides antioxidant protection.
Night Cream
98.8% natural ingredients
Launches natural skin renewal processes at night.
Has a targeted anti-wrinkle effect, improves the structure of skin.
Strengthens antioxidant protection, improves complexion.
M-Gel for your beautiful skin
Moisturizing and filling effect;
Microstimulation and antioxidant protection;
Wrinkle reduction;
Set of Cosmetic Products
Moisturizes the skin and evens out its structure.
Provides comprehensive antioxidant protection.
Accelerates metabolic processes in the skin.
Ease of digestion
Product A Supplement with Antioxidants
Powerful antioxidants.
Helps cell regeneration.
Slows down ageing processes.
Product M Supplement for Heart and Brain
Strengthens the immune system.
Increases mental and physical activity.
Helps to develop strong health.
Nervous Product P Supplement
Increases the resistance to stress.
Neutralizes the effects of stressful situations.
Calms the nervous system.
Product D Detox Supplement
Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.
Improves immunity system.
Has a detoxicative effect.
Product CH Supplement for Energy
Improves mental and physical activity
Gives energy.
Helps to reduce tiredness.
Product SV Health Supplement
Improves metabolism.
Reduces the appetite and the feeling of hunger.
Enhances the effects of diets.
Genitourinary Product N Supplement
Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects.
Normalizes the workings of the genitourinary system.
Diuretic action prevents oedema.
Product JN supplement for baby growth
Strengthens the immune system.
Increases mental and physical activity.
Helps to develop strong health.
Strong bones
Reduces joint discomfort during exercise
Helps reduce the risk of fractures and other injuries
Normalizes bone mineral composition
Liver protection
Helps maintain normal liver function.
Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
Has a detoxifying and antioxidant effects on the entire body.
Helps stabilize the immune system.
Protects cells from oxidative stress.
Alleviates the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.
Beauty of skin and hair
Moisturizes and makes skin smoother.
Stabilizes the emotional balance.
Helps maintain healthy and youthful hair, skin and nails.
Healthy brain, strong nerves
Supports the functions of cerebral circulation and vision.
Helps revitalize and maintain mental performance.
Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
Comprehensive protection for joints
Promotes collagen formation for normal cartilage and bone function.
Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
Provides active remineralization of bone tissue, prevents its depletion.
Radiance of youth
Helps to slow down the aging process in the body.
Has a complex antioxidant effect.
Has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.
Pentactive Neo Black Matte titanium bracelet
Has antibacterial properties.
Has an antiviral effect.
Increases a body’s resistance to disease .
Pentactive Neo Silver Lock titanium bracelet
Has antibacterial properties.
Has an antiviral effect.
Increases a body’s resistance to disease .
Pentactive Neo Gold Lock titanium bracelet
Has antibacterial properties.
Has an antiviral effect.
Increases a body’s resistance to disease .
Pentactive Neo Black Lock titanium bracelet
Has antibacterial properties.
Has an antiviral effect.
Increases a body’s resistance to disease .
Dietary supplements, nutraceuticals.
Nowadays, when the soil is getting poorer, and the content of nutrients in food is reducing, it is next to impossible to work out a balanced diet - some vitamins or microelements will always be lacking. This means that some systems of the human body will always be under attack. Different types of vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements have become a solution for those who monitor their health.
Popularity of dietary supplements
Their popularity is growing every day - in the West, for many years, nutraceuticals, vitamins and dietary supplements have been consumed by more than 90% of the population. And not only the elderly, but also the younger generation - health care is today on trend again. Consumption of nutraceuticals has also been growing in our country.
How to select the right dietary supplements
And, of course, such a demand creates a supply - dietary supplements exist of every type. And every dietary supplement online store promises high quality. With fast delivery available in every single case.
But how to pick out a truly really high-quality product in this wide range? How to buy high quality dietary supplements? How not to encounter a situation when you bought not just unuseful, but harmful and low-grade product and understood this after having already placed your order and paid for it?
Especially if you have just decided to start taking care of your health and are looking for information on simple queries like "dietary supplements sales" or "dietary supplements shop".
First, pay attention to the composition - it is always better to buy natural nutraceuticals. Second, find out about the manufacturer, especially if you are going to purchase dietary supplements on the Internet. Third, read customer reviews about the company and the products it offers - not only on the company's website, but also on review sites. You might also want to look for manufacturer's publications in the media.
Why Project V
Project V is a company using the highest quality raw materials and the latest achievements in science. For our products we select the best plants from different parts of the world - from Europe and Siberia to South America - known for thousands of years as medicinal herbs. Ancient healers used to call many of them a panacea. Doctors continue to recommend them - it is important only to make sure that the plant is grown in ecologically clean areas and by observing the conditions necessary for cultivation.
To create the vitamins and nutritional supplements for the Project V line, we invested in a French company producing dietary supplements and cosmetics, founded in 1996. Today it has become a leader in the production of dietary supplements not only in the French, but also in the European market - its products are acknowledged all over the world and are gaining popularity in Russia.
When producing dietary supplements, we use the latest cryogenic grinding and gentle extraction technologies, which allow us to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in the end product.
All our products are manufactured according to international standards and are strictly certified.
Supplements with home delivery option
For your convenience, we have created an online store of dietary supplements with comfortable delivery in Moscow, where you can get complete information about the selected product and our company, as well as check the quality certificates.
All of our nutraceuticals are completely natural - and even capsules (except for the M product, designed to replenish the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids) products are suitable not only for vegetarians, but also for vegans.
Our products - dietary supplements, vitamins, accessories - are not just unique. Its effectiveness has been confirmed not only by clinical trials, but also by thousands of real people who have tried it.

Dietary supplements for the immune system