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DR | Strong immune system

Laimin immune
175 mg
70 mg
30 capsules
Healthy gut life.

• Supports the immune system
• Relieves the symptoms of inflammation of the respiratory tract
• Normalizes intestinal microflora
• Antioxidant protection

Each capsule of DR contains 175mg of Lalmin Immune™, a unique whole food fermented yeast blend, including ß-1.3/1.6-glucans (40mg) per capsule, and helps support intestinal immunity when taken regularly, improve digestion and remove toxins and waste from the body.
  • Enhanced action
    The complex contains the active ingredients that contribute to developing and maintaining mental activity.
  • Quick action
    The product contains highly active extracts with increased bioavailability.
  • Made in France
    The product complies with international and European standards.
  • Efficiency
    The complex includes well-known and well-studied ingredients that have undergone long-term clinical studies.
  • Uniqueness
    The composition of the complex includes a unique combination of inactivated ingredients.
Main ingredients
    A unique fermented yeast-based ingredient formulated to protect the body with the immune and antioxidant properties of its ingredients. It contains Lalmin® Se, a selenium-fortified yeast with a high content of bioavailable selenium, and Lalmin® Vita D, a yeast containing increased natural levels of vitamin D2, glucans-30, activated yeast ß-1.3 / 1.6 glucans.
  • Vitamin D
    Lalmin® Vita D is a dry inactivated yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that contains increased levels of vitamin D2 produced by exposure to ultraviolet light. It’s a safe, natural, vegan form of vitamin D with proven bioavailability. Vitamin D is essential for normal functioning of the immune system.
  • Inulin
    It has a positive effect on the intestinal microbiota.
  • Spirulina
    It is used as a safe and effective supplement for treating metabolic syndrome. It helps treat metabolism disorders and hyperlipidemia.
    Lalmin® Se is a dried inactivated whole cell yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that contains high levels of selenium in its natural form, L (+) selenomethionine. Selenomethionine is found naturally in plant proteins, it is highly bioavailable and safe compared to inorganic forms of selenium. Selenium plays an important role in enhancing cellular immunity and helps protect against viral infections.
  • Glucans 30 - clinically proven support for the immune system
    GLUCANS-30 is a natural fraction of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall containing high levels of β-1,3 / 1,6-glucans. These naturally occurring polysaccharides help keep the immune system “primed” for a quick response to infection and promote a quicker recovery. Beta glucans can alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, and reduce the effects of increased stress without overstimulating the immune system or causing inflammation.
  • Vitamin E
    It protects body cells from oxidative damage, absorbing free radicals.
  • Echinacea
    It helps prevent and treat upper respiratory tract infections. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial effects.
Lalmin Immune ™ enriched yeast blend (baker's yeast) with: - 175 mg ß - 1.3 / 1.6 - glucans - 40 mg Selenium - 30 mcg Vitamin D2 (as ergocalciferol) - 5 mcg Chicory inulin - 100 mg Spirulina thalle - 70 mg Echinacea purpurea root - 20 mg Vitamin E -10 mg
Recommended as a biologically active food supplement: a source of inulin, spirulina, Lalmin® Immune, echinacea, and an additional source of vitamin E.
30 capsules
Adults take 1 or 2 capsules once a day with water.
Store at room temperature (not higher than 25°C) in a dry place. Keep away from children.