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PROGUM | Keep Calcium

Vitamin D3
0,0025 mg
0,8 mg
60 tablets
Sugar-free chewing gum with vitamin D3 and probiotics to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities.

• Strengthens teeth
• Improves the local immunity of the oral cavity
• Gives a snow-white smile
• Freshens breath

The probiotic complex of lactobacilli improves the microflora of the oral cavity, fights harmful bacteria, and, together with vitamin D3, promotes the absorption of nutrients, including calcium. ProGum strengthens the immune system and protects bones and teeth. ProGum - for your snow-white radiant smile.
  • The effectiveness of the active ingredients is clinically proven
  • Suitable for a vegetarian diet, does not contain dyes or preservatives
  • Designed and manufactured in France
    The product complies with high international GMP and HACCP food safety standards.
Main ingredients
  • Vitamin D3
    Normalizes the immune system

    Beneficial effect on the condition of blood vessels

    Increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium

    Improves performance

    Maintains levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone
  • Probiotics
    Improve the local immunity of the oral cavity

    Normalize the work of the digestive tract

    Improve the absorption of nutrients, including calcium

    Comprehensively contribute to the strengthening of tooth enamel
Vitamin D3 - 0.0025 mg Lactobacillus salivarius 2.50E+ - 0.8 CFU mg Fluorine - 0.111 mg
For daily protection of teeth and oral cavity from bacteria.
60 tablets
2 tablets per day - morning and evening.
In a place inaccessible to children at a temperature not exceeding 25°C.