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Trinity Power Blue Sky

A cheerful titanium bracelet in the Blue Sky color for young supporters of an active lifestyle.

Length: 15 cm, width: 8 mm

Project V is the first brand to release a model of children's bracelets made of titanium. We set high quality standards for products for both adults and children, meaning that every member of the family has the opportunity to take care of their health.

Each of the new series’ bracelets contains 36 active bioceramic elements that have a beneficial effect on the body. This is three times more than in previous versions!

* Not a medical product
Main ingredients
  • Red element
    interacts with water molecules using its healing infrared radiation, which causes the expansion of blood vessels. More intensive blood circulation in the vessels contributes to the normalization of metabolism and tissue regeneration, improves metabolism, relieves the feeling of apathy and fatigue, eliminates pain, corrects the negative impact of an aggressive geomagnetic environment.
  • Black element
    contains a germanium concentration of 200 PPM, which releases conversion electrons with an extremely short emission wavelength (10-1–10-6 nm). Germanium is able to saturate cells with oxygen, stimulating them to produce energy. It has a vasodilating, anti-edematous and immune-strengthening effect, and enhances oncoprotective protection.
  • Blue element
    characterized by the emission of negatively charged ions. In nature, such ions can, for example, be found near waterfalls or near the sea. Once in the bloodstream, they enter into biochemical reactions and, having the ability to increase the level of serotonin, charge us with vigor and energy. They improve mood, mental and physical performance.
● Living in megacities and cities with unfavorable environmental conditions
● Actively involved in sports
● Frequently ill with viral diseases
● Leading a sedentary lifestyle
● Experiencing increased mental, physical or psycho-emotional stress.
● Immunocompromised