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Pentactive Neo Black Matte titanium bracelet

Pentactive Neo Black Matte titanium bracelet

Style, beauty, benefits.

Our unique products combine stylish new design with nanotechnologies. Thanks to bioceramic and magnetic inserts, the bracelet has the beneficial effect of five natural elements: silver and oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves.

Five elements reinforce each other's action: they have antibacterial and antiviral effects, increase a body’s resistance to disease, energize, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and blood pressure, promote tissue regeneration, slow down aging processes, and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The bracelets are made of a special titanium alloy of the highest quality, ensuring strength and durability.

* Not a medical device
  • Has antibacterial properties.
  • Has an antiviral effect.
  • Increases a body’s resistance to disease .
  • Fills with energy.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Normalizes metabolism.
  • Titanium alloy. Certificate of authenticity.
Main ingredients
    Inserts with positively charged ions of nanosilver have marked antibacterial and antiviral effects. According to the scientific data, silver ions effectively destroy 650 to 700 species of pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi, while antibiotics affect only 5 to10 species of bacteria.
    Bioceramic inserts that have therapeutic infrared radiation. Penetrating into the skin, infrared waves come into contact with water molecules and lead to the expansion of blood vessels. More intensive blood circulation in the vessels contributes to the normalization of metabolism and tissue regeneration.
    Bioceramic inserts emit negatively charged oxygen ions. In nature, such ions can be found, for example, near waterfalls or near the sea. Once in the bloodstream, they enter into biochemical reactions and increase serotonin levels, charging us with vigor and energy. These ions can improve mood, mental and physical performance.
    Magneto therapeutic inserts improve sleep and normalize blood pressure, prevent inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. They improve blood flow, facilitate the transport of oxygen and nutrients to cells. These inserts can help replenish the lack of energy, alleviate fatigue and reduce the effects of stress.
    Bioceramic inserts with 200 PPM germanium emit conversion electrons with an extremely short radiation wavelength (10-1-10-6 nm). Germanium has the ability to saturate cells with oxygen, stimulating them to produce energy. It has a vasodilating, anti-edematous and immune-strengthening effect, it can also enhance antitumor protection.
Who should wear:
- Everyone who wants to stay healthy and prolong the active period of life.
- Those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system due to age-related changes or stress.
- Those who live in industrially developed countries.
- Those who drink alcohol or smoke.
- Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.