Liver protection

Liver protection

30 capsules
DG is a unique product that protects and regenerates your body's main filter - the liver. These are natural ingredients that reinforce each other's action and help restore damaged liver cells.

The product is specially designed to detoxify the body. Choline, methionine, alpha lipoic acid and vitamins will help restore your the health of your liver.
  • Helps maintain normal liver function.
  • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Has a detoxifying and antioxidant effects on the entire body.
  • Fights fatigue.
Main ingredients
  • Alpha lipoic acid
    ● Has antioxidant effect.

    ● Regulates the workings of blood vessels.

    ● Helps regulate cholesterol levels.
  • Choline
    ● Helps maintain normal liver function.

    ● Has antioxidant, hypoinsulinemic and hepatoprotective properties that act against liver damage caused by obesity and diabetes.
  • Chlorella
    ● Helps maintain normal colon function.

    ● Supports the vitality and activity of the body, accelerates the digestive processes.

    ● Helps increase the beneficial gut microbiota.

    ● Speeds up body detoxification.

    ● It has a positive effect on blood sugar and helps lower cholesterol.

    ● Simulates the immune system.
  • Prickly pear
    ● Has active antioxidant properties (protects cells from oxidative damage, acts as a radical acceptor, reduces lipid peroxidation).

    ● Has a beneficial effect on digestion.

    ● Has hepatoprotective effect.
  • L-methionine
    ● Has antioxidant properties.

    ● Improves intestinal morphology and barrier function.

    ● Helps to reduce DNA damage and the effect of carcinogenic effects on the body.
  • Vitamin C
    ● Has the effect of reducing fatigue (Scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority, ID 139, 2622)

    ● Contributes to normal energy metabolism (Scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority ID 2334, 3196)

    ● Supports the normal functioning of the immune system (European Food Safety Authority Scientific Opinion ID 4321)
Each capsule contains:
85 mg
Flat stem of a prickly pear
60 mg
Vitamin C
40 mg
30 mg
20 mg
Alpha lipoic acid
10 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
8 mg
Vitamin B6
1.7 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folate)
220 mcg
Recommended as a biologically active food supplement - a source of choline, chlorella, prickly pear, L-methionine, alpha-lipoic acid, an additional source of vitamins C and B6.
30 capsules
Adults take 1 capsule once a day with water.
Store at room temperature (not higher than 25 ° C) in a dry place. Keep away from children.