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Product D Detox Supplement
Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities.
Improves immunity system.
Has a detoxicative effect.
Liver protection
Helps maintain normal liver function.
Helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
Has a detoxifying and antioxidant effects on the entire body.
Liver protection
The liver is the largest gland in the human body. The most vital filter that protects our internal organs. It takes part in digestion and neutralization of harmful substances. Is responsible for the production of bilirubin, cholesterol, enzymes and hormones. Capable of accumulating blood and glucose. Its importance can hardly be overestimated, and our well-being directly depends on the health of the liver.
Risk factors
The liver is the first to take the blow when protecting our body. That is why junk food, poor environment and unhealthy lifestyle are dangerous for it. Should we overeat, abuse alcohol or have treatment with complex antibiotic drugs - all the consequences will hit the liver first, causing painful sensations and disruption in its work. To prevent this from happening and help our main filter to work consistently you need to regularly take a course of producst designed for the liver.
Vitamins and dietary supplements
Before going for some serious medication (unless, of course, we are talking about an already incipient liver disease), pay attention to supporting courses: vitamins and dietary supplements for the liver and gallbladder. If you select them properly, you can substantially facilitate the functioning of these organs, remove their excessive workload and allow them to restore damaged cells.
Dietary supplements and vitamins for the liver are not medications, they do not have side effects and do not harm our body. They are effective substances that supply the body with the elements necessary for the liver (yes, each of our internal organs has its own needs for vitamins and microelements - that is why it is so difficult to create a balanced diet) and perform part of the "work" of the liver. Here we talk about detox-complexes, which, working for the liver, can remove toxins, waste and other "garbage" from the body.
How to choose necessary support for the liver
Nowadays, dietary supplements, vitamins, individual substances necessary for the liver to function properly, as well as hepatoprotectors, are not difficult in stores. But the main thing is to choose a quality product without economizing on your health - otherwise you can only harm your main filter. Pay attention to two things (not advertisement promises).
First, the composition of the product must be completely natural, without harmful chemical impurities. And, even in this case, you'll have to look at the price tag - high-quality natural ingredients grown "by the book" without chemical fertilizers and growth accelerators simply cannot cost little - the cost of their production is quite high. And second - in order not to pay a lot for a low-quality product (and, alas, there are such options on the market), find out about the manufacturer, read the reviews of people who have already bought the product you like, study the publications in the media. Then make your final choice.
Product D - detoxification
One of the very high-quality nutraceuticals is Product D from Project V line (certificates, composition and full information can be found on the website - or by searching on the Internet). Product D is a highly effective natural nutraceutical for cleansing the body at the cellular level. It carries out a general cleaning of the body (that is, relieves the workload from the liver), strengthens cellular immunity, accelerates the elimination of harmful substances and toxins, restores the protective functions of organs and systems
It includes the elements from two plants, which have since ancient times been known as the best "cleaners" and "strengtheners" of the body. They are the Cat's Claw - a plant very rich in alkaloids (rhynchophylline, pteropodin, isopteropodin, mitraphylline), which are powerful immunomodulators. The cat's claw also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. And the ginger root, that has detoxifying properties, improves digestion, increases energy, speeds up metabolic processes in the body and boosts immunity. You can buy the nutraceutical in our online store.
DG - liver protection
The liver is the body's main filter, our major organ. Thanks to the liver we can meet with friends over a glass of beer, sit down at the festive table without any concerns, and enjoy the masterpieces of world cuisine.
The liver protects us from the effects of harmful substances, removes poisons, toxins and wastes from the body and ... It needs support. After all, if it stops coping with the workload, we develop gastrointestinal diseases, our appearance becomes painful, the skin - dull, with a yellowish tinge to it.
Product DG is a unique natural ingredient formula designed to support and repair liver cells.
  • Choline - contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function. Helps reduce the negative factors of unhealthy diet that lead to fatty liver disease.
  • Chlorella - increases the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora, promotes body detoxification, normalizes sugar and cholesterol levels, improves digestive metabolism, and maintains liver health.
  • Opuntia is an antioxidant, hepatoprotector.
  • L-metionin is an antioxidant that supports intestinal health.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid - an antioxidant that supports vascular health.
  • Vitamin C - relieves fatigue, normalizes energy metabolism.
  • Vitamin B3 - participates in the energy metabolism of cells, inhibits liver cell death, increases the protective function of the liver.
  • Vitamin B6 - synthesizes an enzyme involved in the processing of amino acids, ensures the complete digestion of proteins and fats.
Thanks to its perfectly balanced composition, DG supports normal liver function at a young and mature age, the health of the digestive system and blood vessels, reduces the negative factors of unhealthy nutrition, helps detoxify the body, and fights fatigue.

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