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Product A Supplement with Antioxidants
Powerful antioxidants.
Helps cell regeneration.
Slows down ageing processes.
Radiance of youth
Helps to slow down the aging process in the body.
Has a complex antioxidant effect.
Has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.
Antioxidants guarding our heart
A frantic pace of life, constant stress, poor ecology, sedentary lifestyle - all this affects the heart. While diseases related to it, first invisible, can lead to sad outcomes. Hence, our little motor, like other organs, needs protection from destructive factors and action of free radicals. Which antioxidants can best provide.
Prevention and support
Like any organ of the human body, the heart needs support and protection from many harmful environmental factors: stress, time, bad ecology, malnutrition...
Some on this list can be striked off if you monitor your diet, do sports, follow the daily regimen and give up bad habits. The rest of it you have to face. Fortunately, now there are opportunities to support the body at any stage of life and even slow down the destructive effect of time, that is, to protect it from the harmful effects of free radicals.
To do this, you need to enrich your diet with antioxidants - substances that create a barrier between your body and the aging processes, that weaken the body and open the door to disease, weakness, negative effects of radiation, ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution.
This can help prevent heart disease. But, even if a tragedy struck and you had to start treatment, useful dietary supplements and a healthy lifestyle will become your indispensable assistants.
Choosing dietary supplements
Nutraceuticals are an excellent disease prevention tool and great cardiovascular support. But you need to choose them wisely. You can find any dietary supplement scheme on the Internet, but it is always better to consult a specialist first or at least follow a few simple rules.
First, the quality of the ingredients that make up your chosen complex of dietary supplements is critical. Because the elements that are used in production will enter your body and directly affect its health. Therefore, it is best if these are natural ingredients, processed without the use of chemical additives, rough technologies - which often kill all useful substances.
Second, find out about the manufacturer, read independent reviews (not in the online store, although it often gives a general understanding of the product, but on special review sites, which abound on the Internet), look for publications in the media.
A - protection of the body
Product A is a perfectly-balanced blend of natural antioxidants that support all systems in your body and provide reliable protection against destructiv environmentale factors.
  • Polyphenols - increase metabolism, help remove waste and toxins, improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Vitamin E - strengthens blood vessels, improves blood flow, normalizes blood fluidity, reduces the risk of thrombosis, and has an antioxidant effect.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract is a strong anti-ischemic and neuroprotective agent, it improves the condition of blood vessels, activates blood microcirculation, normalizes metabolic processes at the cellular level and is a powerful antioxidant. It can restore blood circulation even with age-related changes in the cardiovascular system.
Thanks to the perfectly selected composition, product A helps the body fight disease, stress and fatigue, and also protects it from aging.
LV - radiating youth
LV - a complex consisting of 12 extremely rare natural antioxidants. This is the secret that allows you to slow down the pace of time and preserve youth for years. Radiant, flawless skin, healthy silky hair - all this not because of the creams that influence only the top layer of the skin and have a cosmetic effect, but as a result of health coming from within.
  • Acai berries - neutralize the action of free radicals, slow down the aging process, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Grape seed extract - speeds up metabolism, removes toxins, cleanses skin cells.
  • Coenzyme Q10 - slows down the aging process, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, evens out the tone of the face, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, and promotes regeneration after damage.
  • Кверцетин — защищает клетки головного мозга от окислительного стресса, замедляет процессы старения, поддерживает функции мозга и сердца, помогает предотвратить такие серьезные заболевания, как болезнь Альцгеймера, менингит, слабоумие, инсульт.
  • Rutin - normalizes the condition of the walls of small blood vessels, increases their elasticity, protects the skin from rosacea and spider veins.
  • Selenium - is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Zinc - improves skin condition, strengthens hair.
  • Glutathione - recognizes and captures toxins and under-oxidized metabolic products, instantly neutralizing their effect, as well as that of free radicals.
  • Gallic acid - helps to solve the problem of rosacea and telangiectasias, uneven skin tone, redness, as well as certain cases of skin pigmentation disorders.
You can find the full composition of the antioxidants that make up the LV product on the nutraceutical web-page. A better part of them are not found in any of the dietary supplements available on the market.

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