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Product A Supplement with Antioxidants
Powerful antioxidants.
Helps cell regeneration.
Slows down ageing processes.
Product M Supplement for Heart and Brain
Strengthens the immune system.
Increases mental and physical activity.
Helps to develop strong health.
Radiance of youth
Helps to slow down the aging process in the body.
Has a complex antioxidant effect.
Has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.
Perfect vision
* And, if you do not engage in the prevention of ophthalmic diseases, it is easy to lose visual acuity. Vitamins for the eyes and special gymnastics are great ways to support the organs of vision and prevent the crystalline lens from deforming and decreasing the clarity of sight.
Useful compounds are contained in special vitamin and mineral complexes for the eyes, which should be taken at the first signs of visual impairment, and some - for prevention, that is, much in advance However, people with perfect,100% vision are rare in our time. Therefore, dietary supplements to improve vision are needed for 99% of people.
Product A
Eye health is directly related to the state of the body, which vitamins and minerals it receives, and which toxins it accumulates. The latter harshly affect the level of vision. To get rid of them, you need to constantly ensure that your body is getting enough antioxidants - substances that fight the harmful effects of free radicals, the main causes of cell dysfunction. They are found in many products (you can easily find the list on the Internet), but unfortunately, in just small quantities. You can, of course, build your diet solely on them, but it's easier to just add a complex of dietary supplements to it.
One of them - is Product A of Project V line of French nutraceuticals. The complex is completely natural and suitable not only for vegetarians, but also for vegans. This antioxidant complex creates a powerful barrier between you and the viruses, the negative effects of radiation, ultraviolet light, atmospheric pollution, effectively removing accumulated toxins from your body. It also contains eye vitamins necessary to maintain and improve vision.
Product M
Another complex of vitamins for the eyes (and not only), indispensable in our life, is Product M, which contains unique fractions of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) necessary for the normal functioning of all organs and systems. They participate in metabolic processes, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, protect cells from destruction and help restore the damaged ones. But omega-3 deficiency is the case for almost all people - it is virtually impossible to get the right amount of PUFA just from food. Doctors and specialists have long known this - that is why they used to give children given fish oil at all times. Alas, as it turned out, the quality of the omega-3 acids found in different fish species varies greatly. Therefore, pay close attention to which omega-3 supplements you pick.
Product M is made from the best (in terms of PUFA content) fish species - sardines, anchovies and mackerel - in accordance with the highest European quality standards. Its components are easily digested, and the result will come quickly - your eyes, blood vessels and even hair and nails will say" thank you". You can buy dietary supplements with fast delivery in Moscow in our online store
LV - radiating youth
LV - a complex consisting of 12 extremely rare natural antioxidants. This is the secret that allows you to slow down the pace of time and preserve youth for years. Radiant, flawless skin, healthy silky hair, sharp eyesight even in maturity ... All this is possible if you take care of the body, support it, protect it from the harmful effects of the environment and help restore damaged cells.
  • Rutin - normalizes the condition of the walls of small blood vessels, increases their elasticity, protects the skin from rosacea and spider veins, restores eye health.
  • Gallic acid - maintains the health of blood vessels and capillaries, protects the eyes from overstrain.
  • Acai berries - neutralize the action of free radicals, slow down the aging process, stimulate the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Grape seed extract - speeds up metabolism, removes toxins, cleanses skin cells.
  • Coenzyme Q10 - slows down the aging process, gives the skin firmness and elasticity, evens out the tone of the face, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, and promotes regeneration after damage.
  • Quercetin - protects brain cells from oxidative stress, slows down the aging process, supports brain and heart function, and helps prevent serious diseases such as Alzheimer's, meningitis, dementia, and stroke.
  • Selenium - is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Цинк — улучшает состояние кожи, укрепляет волосы.
  • Glutathione - detects and captures toxins and under-oxidized metabolic products, instantly neutralizing their action, neutralizes free radicals.
You can find the full composition of the antioxidants that make up the LV product on the nutraceutical web-page. A better part of them are not contained in any of the dietary supplements available on the market.

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