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Product CH Supplement for Energy
Improves mental and physical activity
Gives energy.
Helps to reduce tiredness.
Radiance of youth
Helps to slow down the aging process in the body.
Has a complex antioxidant effect.
Has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects.
Energy and vigor
Too many people today complain of a deterioration in the quality of thei life, lack of energy, lack of vitality and a feeling of chronic fatigue. All this interferes with having a full life - there is only so much energy - "crawling" to work is as far as it gets. There is not enought strength to think clearly, take up something new and exciting, go in for sports or even just make plans for the evening. To avoid such effects, to maintain high level of activity and not experience exhaustion from physical overload, it is necessary to take care of the body, maintain the balance of vitamins and microelements. And for this, sometimes it is not enough just to give up bad habits and fast food - you need to properly balance the diet (including at what time of the da andy which foods are better absorbed), and add nutraceuticals for energy and vigor.
How to feel that the time is right to start taking dietary supplements?
Dietary supplements for energy do not have to be taken regularly - they are most relevant when vitality level decreases. And this process, like any disease, has its own symptoms and signs:
  • increased fatigue, even after a short and not very energy-consuming activity;
  • loss of strength during the day, preventing working at full capacity;
  • rest and sleep do not lead up to full recovering, and the next day the symptoms recur;
  • sleep disturbance appears - it is hard to fall asleep, sleep is disrupted and restless;
  • appetite is weak or, conversely, excessive;
  • routine and even favorite activities bring no comfort, draining you of power.
  • you start to get ill way too often;
  • increased irritability appears - a person easily lashes out even at the closest ones and, quite often, for no reason;
  • loss of interest towards communicating with people;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome, issues with blood pressure;
  • prolonged depression, even if everything seems OK at home and at work.
If you are having these or similar symptoms, it is worth closely examining your health. Perhaps it lacks some substances, and it's time to purchase vitamins, take dietary supplements, change your daily routine or revise the foods included in your diet.
Vitamins for energy, high performance.
There are simply no better vitamins that increase energy and performance than A, C, B, E. Minerals are also vital - especially magnesium and iron. They are included in many supplement complexes to improve well-being, promote health and quickly replenish the reserve of strength. Everyone needs vitamins, but it is better to select supplements individually.
Today, there are many different products on the market - dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, vitamin complexes, and so on - but before making a choice, go on and find out more about them. If you decided to take nutraceuticals that contain only one substance (for instance, add vitamin A or E to the diet), then it is better to first consult with your doctor and do a check-up to see the balance of the selected microelements in your body. As far as choosing a complex is concerned, pay attention to its composition - always give preference to natural ingredients - the price (high-quality nutraceuticals simply cannot be cheap - otherwise even theit cost of production will not be covered) and customer reviews (who else, if not the people who have already tested these dietary supplements on themselves, can know how effective they are). In any case, it is worth selecting a quality supplement, because your health is at stake here.
Products CH and LV
As of now, ones of the most popular on the market are Products CH and LV from Project V line of French nutraceuticals.
CH is a multicomponent energy tonic that effectively fights the feeling of low-energy and easy fatigability. It stimulates energy processes at the cellular level. And its components are selected so as to energize every cell of the body.
LV is pure rejuvenation wrapped in designer packaging. It is a unique complex of natural antioxidants that can turn back the hands of time, bringing back the years. The complex provides powerful protection against harmful effects of free radicals. By launching an antioxidant mechanism at the cellular level, the product effectively counteracts the aging process, regulates the work of the heart, strengthens capillaries and vascular walls, and helps fight stress and fatigue. Do you want to feel like you're 20 at 40? It's your choice completely.
Both nutraceuticals are completely natural, and simplicity of their use (just one capsule with water) makes them convenient companions anywhere, anytime.

Dietary supplements for the immune system